Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

A. Yes, but not so bad you can't stand it. The outline feels a lot like a cat scratch and the rest feels like a sunburn or rugburn(turfburn or courtburn for you athletes!).

Q.  Can I get drunk or stoned first?

A.  NO! It is illegal and you will be asked to leave immediately if we know, smell, or suspect anything!  This is only allowed in illegal jailhouse style homemade ghetto crap tattoos by scratchers & losers in dirty kitchens, living rooms, cell blocks etc.!  On this same note "setting the ink" is a jailhouse/scratcher/ghetto MYTH that really does nothing but irritate and sometimes infect or wreck the tattoo. If someone slaps your tattoo to “set the ink” you should slap them back and immediately wash your tattoo!

Q.  How much is a tattoo?

A.  Tattoos start at $60 and go up from there depending on size, detail and location on body.  Anything smaller than 8x10 inches is priced by the piece, larger work is by the hour.

Q.  Should I tip?

A.  Tipping is not a city in China!  The tattoo will last longer than you will, the artist should definately get tipped if you feel you were given a great price, great service, or the tattoo greatly exceeds your expectations!  Tipping is good kharma!

Q.  My buddy wants to do my tattoo or piercing for free or real cheap, he's not licensed but he has "professional" equipment, should I let him?

A.  Hell no!  First of all not licensed means not responsible enough to be using sterile equipment and be regulated and inspected by the Oregon Health Licensing Office.  Second professional equipment is in a professional licensed studio and should be used by PROFESSIONALS ONLY NOT AMATUERS!  Third getting work done outside of a licensed facility is NOT SAFE and can result in scarring, permanent disfigurement, color loss, infection, hepatitus and numerous other diseases not to mention the person doing the work can get up to $10,000 in fines and possible jail or prison time depending upon how many laws are broken in the process!!!

Q.  How do I get licensed to tattoo or pierce?

A.  Look up Tattoo Schools licensed by the Oregon Department of Education

Q.  Who does your tattoos?

A.  My tattoos have been done by artists from all over the country, my castle of skulls sleeve was started by Don & Sharon Brouse from Artistic Skin Illustrations in Salt Lake City Utah.  My friend Paul Booth has also done the rats with bones above my knuckles and the muscles on my fingers. The late, great Sailor Moses of California Tattoo Studio in Biloxi Mississippi did the skeletal ghoul on the inside of my left bicep.  My friend Bald Bill from Yankee Tattoo in Vermont did the large viking face on my left elbow and the large lion face covering my entire inner left forearm both in trade for me sleeving his elbow and arm with a large chrome octupus that he designed for that.  He is the guy you see on one of the tv tattoo documentaries trying to get a record for the most tattoos done in one day(all the fish on his leg at the female tattoo artist convention in Florida).  "Cadillac" J.C. Jack Collins of Underskin Odyssey in Kansas City, Kansas, who taught me the basics back in 87 did my first 5 or so tattoos.  J.C. Jack Cox of Illustrated Man in Kansas City, Missouri did my Stonehenge on my lower abs and the crying Goddess on my right pec. Gary "Professor Inkslinger" in Kansas City did my 2 red dragons on the front of each shoulder. Dick Warsocki of Grin & Barret in Omaha Nebraska did my KC Chiefs arrowheads with feathers tied to them on each side of my head as well as his signature tiny tornadoes behind each of my ears. And my huge black panther on my leg I did myself as well as a few others. Andy Todaro has tattooed my trademark skull on the back of my arm and redid my left arm red dragon and reaper and added wings to the dragon. In 2007 I finally got tattooed by Gill Montie the original skull master filling a large area in the center of my chest! In 2015 Mike Stepina did my Carpe Diem below my neck and my epic Stonehenge lower abs covering and fixing my original Stonehenge tattoo that was mentioned earlier.